Hello there!

I'm Emily Jade - a Gold Coast radio announcer who does weddings for kicks and giggles.

I mainly do weddings for friends and friends of friends but in the last few years that has extended to friends of those friends, until I've realised that pretty much everyone in this state knows someone who knows someone and this marriage celebrant business is keeping me really busy, or out of trouble, which ever you prefer.

About me

I'm a wife, mother and radio announcer by day, but by weekend I put my Marriage Celebrant suit on and surround myself with the most powerful force on earth. Love.

I love LOVE and I simply love weddings.

It's my hobby. I have been a bridesmaid 7 times and even married the same person THREE times. I like to call it 'research' for the job.

We did the big white wedding for our family in a church followed by a large reception. Then while on holidays in Bali we decided to have a Bali Blessing ceremony on a mountain top surrounded by frangipanis and jungle sounds. And on our one year anniversary we renewed our vows in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator, it's still one of the most hilarious memories I have. So I've done it all, traditional, personal and fun and with all that experience hopefully I'll understand what you are looking for and provide it.

And I'm relatively young, so there will be no 'lovely' lavender suits with a big old hat gracing your precious wedding photos, no way! I'll wear what you want me to wear. I do draw the line at a chicken suit...or weddings for nudists... But seriously most people getting married are around my age and I aspire to just subtly blend into those expensive photos you have just paid for that you will have FOREVER.

So if you want me to help you capture the electrifying feeling of love you are sharing with each other right this moment and project that into your ceremony, then I'm the celebrant for you.


Congratulations, you're about to say 'I do'.

You've dreamed about this moment from the day you met. Ok, maybe not the day you met, maybe it was the second date, or even the third when she had something stuck in her teeth and you realised she looked pretty cute even with that big green piece of lettuce stuck there and then it hit you that she was the one.

My point is, your love story is unique and so should your wedding be, so that's where I come in.

Young, vibrant and in love with love I strongly believe in making your day unique and humorous, yet romantic and intimate. Your wedding day is about you, a day that can never be recreated or recaptured, so it is important that your vows and ceremony reflect the essence of you and your love for each other and that we live in the moment.

Whether you want a cheeky and joyful ceremony or a traditional and thoughtful wedding, I look forward to helping you achieve your dream day.


Less than a fancy church wedding, but more than getting your uncle's friend to do it...

My fee includes:

  • A meeting before the wedding
  • A PA System and microphone for use during the ceremony
  • Preparation of all the legal documentation before, during and after the ceremony
  • Unlimited email and phone contact
  • A personalised ceremony created with your input
  • The Marriage Certificate on the day

Cost $700 excl. GST.

Please note I only do weddings in the Gold Coast area. For bookings please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Hi Em,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for your role in our wedding day. It was so beautiful and perfect. We couldn't have asked for a more touching and romantic yet light hearted and funny ceremony. Everyone has been complimenting us on the ceremony and had a wonderful time. Not a dry eye was seen!

It's a day we will never forget and that was in part thanks to you J


Hi Emily,

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did at our ceremony. It went better than we could ever have hoped for, and we are extremely grateful for the job you did as Celebrant.

All of our guests commented on what a great job you did, and how you were a perfect fit for us as a couple. Our ceremony was exactly what we wanted, something short, but still showing our love for each other. One of our guests even asked me for your name, so she could recommend you to a friend.

Once again, many thanks.

Haleigh & Michael

A quick note to say a very heartfelt thankyou for our wonderful ceremony yesterday! It was just PERFECT. We were so thrilled - so many people have said how wonderful they thought it was. It was my favorite part of our day.

After, Mike (photog) commented that you are the best in the business. Couldn't agree more, so glad we found you.

Lots of warm juju and fuzzy feelings from us to you! xxx

Andrea & Joel


The wedding was perfect, Craig even enjoyed the whole evening even though he was nervous to start with. A few people said "I know her". Seems your famous. Anyway thanks heaps from both of us. Craig actually called me his 'wife' today, he's so corny but nice.

Majorie & Craig

The most beautiful celebrant, thank you so much for our beautiful ceremony, we loved it! Unfortunately it all went too fast and left me with the wedding blues for a couple of weeks. Some of the guys recognised you and came ask Glen how much we paid to have you in our ceremony! aha!

All the best!

Amanda & John

Hi Em,

Zal and I had the most incredibly wonderful wedding day!!! And we both absolutely loved the ceremony, you did a really fabulous job - thank you!! We got lots of comments on how much our guests loved it too!! It's funny how it all goes so quickly! We are so excited for our honeymoon in December, just have to get through Uni first!!

Thank you again!!
Tara x

Tara & Zal

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